Brief History
Goals and Objectives
Future Development

Brief History

  Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, was the birthplace of gifted education in 1973. In order to play a pioneer role and to reinforce the development of gifted education in Taipei, the municipal government announced “The White Paper on Taipei’s Gifted Education” in February, 2000, and established “Taipei Gifted Education Resource Center” at Taipei Municipal Chien-Kuo Senior High School on August 1st, 2000. Our objectives mainly consist of establishing a good support system for gifted education, providing services of gifted education, promoting knowledge of gifted education, reforming regular education, etc.

  Currently our center has been involved in integrating the resources of gifted education in Taipei, holding related educational activities, and carrying out research in gifted education as well as in related areas. We hope that parents and educators will obtain the most updated knowledge about teaching and counseling gifted students. Ultimately, students will be benefited by being able to actualize their potential and develop their multiple intelligence.

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